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The Mastery of Self Expression:
Do Yourself Differently!

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The Mastery of Self Expression is an intensive interactive weekend workshop designed to put you in touch with your passion and enable you to discover the joy that comes from realising your unique ability to communicate creatively and expressively.

From its beginnings in a loft in the meat district of New York to Paramount Studios, from Findhorn in Scotland to Neve shalom/Wahat al-Salaam in Israel, from Hollywood household names to well known brand names across the world - and people from all walks of life, ‘The Mastery’ has had a considerable, often life-changing, impact on those who have encountered it first-hand.

“Most people are naturally creative and are somehow aware that they’ve cut off this unique part of themselves. When they hear there is a place to express this uniqueness, it means a chance to fulfil a deep, long-held wish… the purpose of the Mastery is to discover that you create your own creativity. At each moment, you have the choice of turning it on or off – to create or not to create. Only you can do it. Making the creative alternatives available is the goal of everything we do on the Mastery”. Dan Fauci, creator of The Mastery.

It is next being run in Hastings on May 19, 20 and 21 2017, lead by Christine Kimberley, leader of over 50 Mastery courses in the UK and author of the first book about the workshop 'On The Edge'.

In this website you will find more about the history of The Mastery, Christine, testimonials, plus all the details of forthcoming course dates, venue, on-line booking information and introductory evenings in Hastings where you can find out more.

“The greatest stratergy for personal development and business development on the planet is bold self expression” Michael Port, author of ‘Book Yourself Solid’

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